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DQ2000 Information


DQ2000 has been specifically designed for taking off those items typically sold by lumber and building material dealers. It is a fourth generation estimating system, and has therefore taken advantage of the features originally built into the DQ2000 system, as well as capitalized on the experience of the DQ2000 user group.

What makes us different from the other estimating systems on the market?


  • We do Roofs—Reduce the time it takes to do even the most complex roofs.

  • Easy to Use—Allows each estimator sets up the system to do takeoffs the way they have traditionally done them.

  • Flexibility—Make changes fast and easy, on the fly, so you can respond to any situations that occur in your blueprints.

  • Quote Exporting—DQ2000 has been specifically designed with the lumber and building material dealer in mind. We have custom export routines for most popular in-house systems.

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