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It all started with one man’s understanding that the estimating systems on the market were not effective tools for estimators and there was room for improvement. Some of the programs were good systems but you had to be a computer programmer to understand them. At this point, DQ Estimating was born and after a two-year research and development period, DQ Estimating introduced the DQ2000 Take-Off and Quoting System in March of 1994. Almost 20 years and hundreds of customers later DQ2000 has proven to be an outstanding system.


This success is the result of the years of experience the staff at DQ Estimating bring to the product’s development. This experience includes over 16 years with a variety of computerized estimating systems, as well as over 17 years of lumber yard experience. The staff combines an excellent blend of computer expertise with the real life, day to day operations experience needed to run a building supply operation. Perhaps the most important aspect of this background is the recognition that the estimator is the best source of ideas and techniques. You will see this reflected throughout all our products.


The underlying design of the DQ2000 Estimating System is based on the recognition that each estimator has developed the best blend of speed versus accuracy for his situation. It is designed to provide the flexibility the estimator wants and at the same time allows him to take advantage of the experience of the numerous estimators whose ideas and techniques have been incorporated in the system. This flexibility will also allow the more experienced estimators in your stores to easily transfer their years of knowledge to your less experienced or beginning estimators.

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